Bonito Cohn large foot with s cracks 6 inch accross


My art is born, expressed in clay. Timeless, subtle, useful and beautiful.
In clay are my feelings; into the deep center I pull: it becomes a bowl.
To make pottery is to give form to what I love.
Through my bare hands the body and soul meet; Spirit in a vessel, tried by kiln fire.
A collaboration of the four elements: earth, air, fire, water.

A woman that endures fire without harm: "Pyrosophical, Dragon identified woman:
Salamandrous, living as it were, in the fire, hot, passionate." - Mary Daly.

The kiln, the anagama is my temple.


This item was donated by the estate of Gari Whelon, proceeds will be donated to the Nanaimo Tozan Cultural Society

Large temoku bowl by Bonita Cohn


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